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Anchored Roots

Approach to Therapy 

At Anchored Roots we work to create a comfortable, non-judgmental, safe space during therapy sessions. Our belief is that the most important piece of therapy is the therapeutic relationship. Once you feel comfortable and trust the therapist, that is when the work can truly happen. Our founder often says that she would not tell a stranger her deepest and darkest secrets on day one so she would never ask that of her clients. We believe in meeting the client where they are and the importance of allowing the client to determine what they would like from therapy. The therapeutic relationship is one of mutual respect and allowing the client to be the expert in their own life. We all have different experiences and a unique path through life. We encourage the client to bring whatever they want to work through to the table in therapy and we will sort through it as a team. A therapist should be someone that will allow you to express your concerns, fears, and dreams without judgement or bias but with support and encouragement, which is what we strive to do with each client. 

Our Space

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